Just do it!!

Have you ever made a pact to yourself to do something but always find a reason/excuse not to follow through?

Well hello, this is me down to a tee lately! Cant say I am very impressed with this way of thinking, in fact, it really makes me disappointed in myself and then this creates a ripple effect of more disappointment. So all in all, I am not really winning am I? I want to feel joy, excitement, energy from just doing something & at the end being so proud I succeeded.

i did it

Sounds so easy really, so why the procrastination, the thinking about, why not just do it???!!!

So I thought to myself, I need a little reward, so that in my head I am working towards something. Something at the end I will be proud of!

I have always wanted to be able to run 10km’s. I have been in a fun run or 2 to complete a 5km run, but always in my mind wanted to be able to run 10km. A little challenge you could say (we all need a challenge right!). No real reason why apart from the fact that I guess it is the next step for me above 5km & I have the added bonus of becoming fitter & healthier. So a week ago I downloaded an application to help me reach this goal over the next 14 weeks where I gradually build up the stamina & then before you know it, look at me go!!!

Everything happens with baby steps. One day, one step at a time & I WILL look back in 14 weeks & see how far I have come 🙂

I will post my updates on progress & how I am feeling good & bad days. Watch me ruuuuun! This girl is about to get fit!





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