Week 2 complete of 14 week challenge!!

getting there

Week 2 complete!! 12 to go!

I have set myself a goal to be able to run 10ks at the end of 14 weeks. I am an avid exerciser anyhow, but do have weeks where I tend to withdraw & lose motivation. Hence why I have started this blog so it seems more real & I wont be letting myself down at the end & feel amaaaaaaaaaaazing!

Pretty happy with my efforts so far, although it is still early days. I am already noticing a difference with my fitness. The iPhone application that I use is great as it builds on the run slowly. It allows you to do 3 runs a week & gradually increase the endurance over the coming weeks so that your body doesn’t go into shock! Which mine would!

At the end of the 14 weeks I will post a before & after pic so you can see the difference 🙂

I have a dream. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so whatever it is you are striving towards, but finding yourself stuck, unmotivated etc, the biggest & best advice I can give is “baby steps”. You weren’t born talking & walking. Our bodies aren’t designed to be able to everything & anything overnight. So be gentle on your journey & you will look back & smile at how far you have come 🙂

baby steps

J xx


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