Week 3 complete of 14 week 10k Challenge!!


My stamina & endurance is improving!! Happy dance!!

This week I tried something different. Instead of following the application on my IPhone, I thought I would just “wing it” & see how I went. It worked! I went on a route that I haven’t been on before & just ran to my hearts content. I would still stop & take a few deep breaths if that was what my body was telling me to do & as soon as I listened to my body, I took off like I had wind up my butt & off I went!! Before I started training for this 10k challenge, I would here & there go out for a run, but would be so hard on my body & push myself so hard that I would end the run that exhausted & skip the next few days for my body to recover. Bad I know, my poor little body 😦

I also this week took a before photo. Oh dear!! Taking this photo alone made me want to just give up! Weird isn’t it, when I’m looking at a photo that clearly isn’t my “dream” body, but my first thought was, what’s the point. Ahmmm, hello, I am doing this to not only tone in places I am not happy with, but to also be living a healthier lifestyle. So I soon shook those thoughts out of my head & got rid of that mean girl ego!! Myself, the boyfie & the puppy all go out on the runs together. It is such a nice way for us to all spend quality time whilst getting fit in the process 🙂

So that was my week in a nutshell, a mini tanty from a photo & an awesome feeling of joy, energy & power & my body feeling the positive effects of this transformation!! Yay me!!

Time now to get out there & complete Run #1 of Week 4!!!


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