HALF WAY!! Week 7 of 14 week 10km challenge


I’m haaaaaaaalf way!! Can I get a woop woop!!

Apologies for the delay in my posts. Have been a little pre occupied with life lately. I haven’t slackened off and have remained dedicated to my vision of being able to run 10km without stopping!

Since my last post I have been on a little holiday back to my home town of the Sunshine Coast to see family and friends. Such a beautiful serene place to go on a run. I certainly took advantage of the beaches and beautiful timber tracks to let loose on. Normally when I head back to see my family, I will pack my sneakers (joggers), exercise clothes and always have very good intentions of running wild on the beautiful beaches. Generally what happened went like this; the sneakers and exercise clothes stay tightly packed in the suitcase for the duration of the trip and have basically just been on a fun plane ride to the destination but never get the chance to venture out and be used for what they were intended to be used for. My bad! But not this last trip! They ventured out a few times and also got to experience the sun, sand & surf landscape! Magical!

My body shape is changing for the better! I am toning in places that have always been, lets just say….flabby. This is the added bonus with this challenge. Not only am I fulfilling an achievement I have wanted to for a while, but I get a better body in the meantime. Bonus! In saying this, it doesn’t mean I eat anything I want. I am still watching what I eat, if not more so. The more you exercise and become fitter, the more you want to eat healthier anyway. Not only does my body shape change, but so does my attitude towards what I am putting into my body. Winning!

So being half way on this challenge means I should be able to run 5km now without stopping right? Right! Yes, I can now successfully run 5km without stopping! *Can I get a round of applause*! The best thing about this journey is when I completed my 5km run that night, I said to my boyfriend, “I’m not even that puffed”. He was like, “your right”, “you could keep running”! I was quick to tell him that was enough, but he was right I could have quite possibly kept running, but I want to do this without jumping the gun so to speak and relax my body into it, which it has been liking so far. Injuries I use to have e.g. sore knees, are no longer a problem. Its as if my body is gaining muscle and getting stronger to support these areas that use to struggle on the odd run here and there 🙂 I am very lucky on this experience to have the support of my boyfriend. He has a lot to do with my motivation and to help keep me striving towards this challenge. Was only the other night when I was venturing up a slight incline on my run (the full 5km one) when he could see I was determined to keep running, I was pushing through the change in the road incline. He pulled out his IPhone and found the “Eye of the Tiger” video on YouTube and started playing it beside me for support. What a legend! Its amazing what a groovy song can do to boost your mood!

So anyway, that’s been my last few weeks in a nutshell. I am loving this journey. Its unfogging (I don’t think that’s a word, whoops) my outlook and attitude to life in general. What a beautiful journey I feel I am on. Mind ~ Body ~ Soul. Today is a beautiful Sunday and I can do whatever I want, so off I go with my puppy on an 11km walk/run to the river to soak up this beautiful day and use the working legs I have been blessed with!!

xx 🙂


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