Hi!! Well this is exciting! I have been procrastinating about starting this blog for a while. I kept making it feel like it was a big deal, like the queen was going to read it! I would find in my head any reason not to….no-one will read it, this isn’t going to create an income blah blah blah, even though I constantly felt like I had ideas, brainwaves flowing, I still resisted with myself to do it. So today, I didn’t listen to that negative little thought in my head and I am following my heart, my excitement and my passion instead! I just wanted to create a page of motivation, dreams, passion (I love that word, so sorry for the overuse!) about life! Then I realised this is a page for me, my passion, my motivation and if anyone follows me, then well…that’s a bonus as I want nothing more than to be inspiring other people on this journey also!! I often find myself thinking of new exciting projects in life to do with health and lifestyle but I (for some reason), will start something, but halfway through lose motivation or just give up and tell myself all the reasons why it wont work or even talk myself into good enough excuses not to continue. So I figured if I start this page and once I have set myself to type it out loud then I will be more inclined to follow through! That’s the plan anyhow! So by no means am I a writer, an expert on health or perfect, but I have a passion for living a healthy, inspiring, life full to the brim!
My quote I live by;
Do not dwell in the past ~ Do not dream of the future ~ Concentrate the mind on the present moment ~ Buddha


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